About Me

Welcome to My Silver Years – a blog showcasing quality travel and lifestyle content for mid-life women. Stories you find here will sometimes be thought-provoking, and at times, lighten your mood. The idea is to examine, to shoulder through, and to celebrate life and its vagaries for mid-life women inhabiting multiple spaces.  Think about it – these are the silver years in a woman’s life, and I have every intention to document all the steps in their infinite variety.

I’m a mid-lifer, an author, a freelance writer, and a woman with a mission. That is, a mission to journey through life holding hands with you, through the ups and the downs. I firmly believe in connecting, and connections. They lift us up on dull days. They add to our joyous ones.

So far my life has meandered through byways and major roads, countries and cities. I grew up in India, became an adult and moved to the Arabian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, then immigrated to Canada, where I now live with my family. I’ve travelled a fair bit, and encountered many adventures. I’m an empty-nester though. In the interim, I have written countless articles for traditional and digital media, published two nonfiction books for children, and read thousands of books.

I hope you enjoy your time with My Silver Years.