Of tulips, daughters & books

The past weekend was a seriously gorgeous one with sunny, yet cool temperatures. We were certainly starving for this ‘Spring-ing’.

Early morning tea & breakfast

Since it was Mother’s Day, my husband and I decided to visit our daughter in the nation’s capital. After breakfasting, which included toast and an amazing caramel salted vegan cupcake, we planned our day. Our younger daughter, the super-talented Ritika of randmcooks.com called to wish, along with our dear son-in-law.

Fair Ottawa, where thousands and thousands of tulips bloom cheerily, commemorating the flower as a symbol of friendship and peace. The festival also pays tribute to World War II veterans – starting out as a gift from the Netherlands to commemorate their liberation by Canadian troops.

We visited Dow’s Lake where a sea of red, yellow and purple tulips greeted us. Plenty of people milled around the mass-planted beds. Mostly children gobbled ice cream while their parents posed among the tulips. We heard a number of tongues spoken – Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, English, French. Truly a multicultural event.

So much love

Later we made our way to The Black Squirrel, a books and coffee bar. Amid well-worn wooden seats and tables, shelf upon shelf of neatly lined books, antique typewriters and the aroma of roasting coffee beans, I was (almost) in heaven! We shared Darjeeling tea and warm cinnamon doughnuts with our loving daughter.

On the way back, we stopped at a farmer’s market on Aberdeen. We bought blueberry scented honey, and browsed among the stalls selling fresh produce, home made soaps and balms, flowers and jewellery. The scent of roasting corn, and hotdogs perfumed the air, while a cellist and guitarist played rousing tunes for the strollers.

Farmers market stalls

What a special way to spend the lovely weekend! How was yours?


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