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“Into the Blue” – Atreyee Gupta

Starting off with a riddle is a sure-fire way to draw a reader in. In Atreyee Gupta’s collection of travel essays, “Into the blue”, she does just that. With the main theme being water and its relationship with certain locations, she skillfully takes us on a journey, leaving the reader thirsty for more.

Gupta has drawn together anecdotes about three places with a strong connection to water. She chronicles her journey to Venice, Italy, Yosemite’s national park region with the Tuolumne and Merced rivers, and Oahu, Hawaii. In the process, she opens our eyes to a charming narrative which takes us on, and under, water.

The essay on Venice was the one I liked the most. Gupta was able to capture the spirit, and give the reader a sense of the mystery of the slowly-sinking city. Her travels through the numerous canals, and the shadowy mysteries that perhaps lurk in the passageways, gave me delicious shivers. Gupta’s recounting of the history of the city proved a winner too, but what I especially enjoyed was the mention of the amazing food and wine from the region.

Yosemite’s waterfalls features in the next part of the collection, and Gupta meanders gently through, taking readers along the banks of the two rivers. There is some useful information about the camping sites in the park.

The Oahu, Hawaii, section details the sporty life of the locals, with the surfing championships which have such a huge place in local life. If you want to know more about the snorkeling opportunities of the area, the essay provides useful pointers. Again, the section on where to stay and what to eat provides good value for readers keen to visit.

The journal has a collection of summer recipes from each of these places. But there’s a lot more to explore in this offering from ‘The Bespoke Traveller’ (IBookstore and Amazon Kindle Store).

Atreyee Gupta writes about ways our shifting perceptions alter our layered identities. She examines how we connect: individually, in society, with nature and place. She is also a creator of Bespoke Traveler (, a digital alcove dedicated to stories about the transformation of travel. She has been a regular contributor to various lifestyle and community websites such as Pink Pangea, Rebelle Society, and Your Life Is A Trip. Her work has been published by Chicago Literati, Elephant Journal, Main Street Rag, Rigorous Magazine, Shanghai Literary Review and others.  



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