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Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase

Black Rabbit Hall, the ivy-covered manor in Cornwall, takes upon the new name of Pencraw Hall to hide behind years of deceit and secrets. But Lorna, who is immersed in its forgotten history, begins to seek answers of her own.

Personally, the timeless summers and the unexpected tragedy of ‘Momma’ gives the novel as a whole an undertone of mystery, while the grief which grips the four children begins to shape their childhood. Throughout the book, the author has spun a mysterious connection between the two women, Lorna and Amber.  Amber, captivated by her forbidden love, fought with her family for acceptance and eventually wins, whereas Lorna allows herself to get completely immersed in the mystery of the Hall, almost succeeding in pushing her familial ties and partner away as she tries to clarify the unseen images in her mind.

Mr Alton, as a character was a disappointment, his actions seemed personal and he gave little thought on how his children coped with the death of their mother.

All in all a good read with interesting twists and turns.

Anandita Ghosh



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