Feeling Blue?


Oh the mid-winter blues! How do we resist their siren call? Psychologists have written reams about the condition, only, being academics, they’ve called it Seasonal Affective Disorder. We all know what this means really. You’re listless, the bed calls out to you more insistently, and you feel irritable more often than not. In the market place, peddlers of snake oil hawk their sure-fire cures. Pop this miracle pill and you’ll be fine, they claim. Fact remains that it is complex and not all whitecoats are sure about the extent of the condition.

You are advised to keep your energy level high and engage with stimulating conditions (like exercise). Or, you could just invest in a vacation to the Caribbean.

That being not always possible, I do the next best thing. I write and read to keep my mind active. In this issue of My Silver Years, you’ll find an interview with a transplanted Canadian woman who has taken a bold step to alleviate dullness arising from the weather. If you like thrillers, you’ll do well to read the review up this week. And if you want to travel without leaving your armchair, come with me to this resort in our backyard – the beautiful area around Georgian Bay, Ontario.


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