I Say

Why another blog in a crowded bazar? Is it merely a tool of self-expression? I think not. Let me explain. Researching the blogosphere brought home to me that there are many hundreds of thousands of blogs on travel and lifestyle – my chosen niches. Naturally, I investigated further. How was mine to be any different? After all, any such enterprise ran the risk of being, at best, an excuse for indulgence.

The proliferation of blogs by and for younger women, women of a certain age, race, class and economic circumstance, is astounding. And if I’m honest, a little depressing. As a 50-something woman of South Asian descent, I felt almost invisible. I don’t want to adopt an overly political stance, but most of life IS political.

This blog is therefore a way to come out from the shadows, validate myself, and others like me, in the teeming jungle of the Internet. My Silver Years is for women like you and I, a community of like-minded folks. So, what are these common threads that bind us?

  • we have seriously amazing talents
  • our stories are worth telling
  • sharing is generally a good thing
  • we may live in any part of the globe (feel bound to homes in multiple countries)
  • we may have studied either math or sociology, or anything in between


What is also similar is the rich vein of experience that allows us to BE interesting. On My Silver Years you will find stories on traveling in your own backyards, or distant lands, you will meet gifted creatives, and look at culture in a way you never did before. So stick with me, and visit often!


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